Swine Hall 

Why the name Swine Hall?
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December, 2004

(revisited June 15, 2005)




Because it's a great name.






Except that it's a really stupid name, and I haven't thought of a better one, that's available, yet.




I don't know which would be harder to move:  the website, or the contents of this basement.

Yikes.  Don't like the thought of either.



I think I'll settle in with this name.  Like this living room, it's a good place to get a groove going enough privacy to be able to blow speakers up, has walls for prints,  and magic is welcomed to visit when it might.








Sometime before December, 2004:




Because www.porcher.com was taken.  


Just kidding, mostly.



(December 1/04 again)          

But really, could I call myself, porcher.com?   When, not only is there at least a truck-load of Porchers out there, but there are several Eric Porchers to boot?  

It's like, calling one's site human.com

well, almost.



But does it matter what the name - the URL - is?  

It's just the name, of a home.   Some unique place,

some flag.



(I'm imagining twisting-up the name
on a large stone wall, down the road
from my teenage home)

               Ra f u  n senburger                  .com






We can't find "www.rafunsenburger.com"



Blortosnout  .com


Always been a personal favourite.  






Ok, NOW it's

Sometime before December, 2004:




Would it suffice to say that the house I live in has been called Swine Hall? Probably not.

Some of you will require no explanation. For the others, I suppose a tour through the many nicknames I've attracted through the years would be a good start. However, I'm looking for an alternative to that approach.

So let's go back, way back, (yes I know, this is really precise) to when the proud bearers of the Porcher name lived in England. If I remember correctly (and probably don't) these were the predecessors of we Canadians, and the Porchers who lived in places like Austria and France. In those days, one's name often identified one's occupation. So, have ya heard of a porker? Well you have now. Ok?

There. I should feel better now, having gotten that straight. Well, while I'm at it, I'm bald, grey, and am generally on the long, stinkin' slope of aging! Ok? What else should I get onto the table while I'm at it? But you've probably heard enough.

But my first name, it means something like kingly-one. Much better. 

Kingly pig farmer. New Disney movie - The Swine King. Oh well. It's good to be humble, I suppose. As long as one lifts up the head and endeavours to see beyond the clouds now and then.

So, in summary, Eric Porcher, 2003, a city-boy who knows nothing of swine, thinks pigs are cute, and has the heritage to validate that affection.

Good. Done.




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