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I've hardly stopped playing this CD since I bought it last week.  I know some who will like this - the Peter Gabriel fans at least.  But some also who wouldn't.  It's powerful and challenging stuff, on the rock side.  But it is so rich in rhythms and keyboards, and he includes such a wide variety of instruments and influences, exquisitely arranged.

It begins and ends in a challenging way, yet it flows through to the end with survival, victory, and growth.







Second track,

Growing Up

the finest of rock songs,

which I think I was playing when I took this picture



Get on that horse and ride!




"...all the slow clouds pass us by
make the Empire State look high
as you take me in your sea-stained sweetness
it spills, it tingles and it stings
all the pleasure that it brings
Ďtil the door has let the outside inside here...

...my ghost likes to travel so far in the unknown
my ghost likes to travel so deep into your space..."








You can't experience this CD just by viewing this web page, of course.  I have played it over and over, while assembling this, and for now I thrive on it.  But hopefully you'll be better-informed afterward, as to whether or not to buy the CD.  








Sky Blue



"lost my time lost my place in
sky blue
those two blue eyes light your face in
sky blue
i know how to fly, i know how to drown in
sky blue 

warm wind blowing over the earth
sky blue
i sing through the land, the land sings through me
sky blue
reaching into the deepest shade of
sky blue...

...train pulled out said my goodbyes
sky blue
back on the road alone with the sky
sky blue
thereís a presence here no one denies
sky blue...

...i can hear the same voice calling
crying out, from my heart
and that cry, what a cry
what a cry, itís going to be
if i can stop to let it out, oh."












"saw a group of people forming
round a figure lying down
and someone runs to make a phone call
and the man kneels on the ground
the man kneels on the ground
the man kneels on the ground
there's a tightening in my chest.
i know that iím drawn in
oh god let it not be - you..."






People die - too many lately.  Just on the weekend, seven astronauts met their end, and on the same day here in B.C., seven teenagers, fatally assaulted under an avalanche of snow.  

And maybe many more will die soon, far east from here.   

Some people are already grieving.   Why do we have to?






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