Tangent   Swine Hall



November 26, 2005

At the construction site again,
Saturday at 10:00 AM
this time listening to

Miles Davis, Bitches Brew.

Miles Davis and Trilok Gurtu
two of the most masculine figures I know of.

Did they ever play together?   Wow, what a prospect.



This place seems masculine.

Hardness, massive strength and proportions;

muddy boots, working hands.

Farts 'n' angles, highly-visible colours and concrete.

Efficiency, organization, safety.


There is beauty in the work of men's hands.


I say "men" because I'm told there are a hundred of them working here.





I believe that apart from femininity, masculinity is lost.

Truly this place does not exist apart from the feminine. 

Where it is, I'm not sure, but I'm inclined to watch for it.





Two months later, out of the printer came Her Inspiration.



Her Inspiration




And twelve seconds earlier,

(Image to follow)



Her Inspiration, original photograph

The original image, straight out of the camera




Eric, Her Inspiration, and Douglas





Her Inspiration









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